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Keep Your Drinks Cold with our 24 Can Cooler Bag for Outdoor Events

Keep Your Drinks Cold with our 24 Can Cooler Bag for Outdoor Events

  • Keep Your Drinks Cold with our 24 Can Cooler Bag for Outdoor Events
  • Keep Your Drinks Cold with our 24 Can Cooler Bag for Outdoor Events
  • Keep Your Drinks Cold with our 24 Can Cooler Bag for Outdoor Events
  • Keep Your Drinks Cold with our 24 Can Cooler Bag for Outdoor Events
Keep Your Drinks Cold with our 24 Can Cooler Bag for Outdoor Events
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Dongguan, China
Brand Name: Miren
Certification: SGS,BSCI
Model Number: 24cans
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 300 PCS
Price: To be discussed
Delivery Time: 20~25 work days
Payment Terms: 1 PE bag + 1 cardboard box
Supply Ability: 5000Pcs+1month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Cooler Bag,picnic Lunch Box Bag,24 Can Cooler Bag Thermal Cooler Box Handle: Yes
Capacity: 24 Cans Insulation: Yes
Front Pocket: Yes Shoulder Strap: Yes
Lining: 420TPU Zipper: Regular Ripstop Zipper
Brand: Cooler Bag Usage: Drink,picnic,Travel,camping Bag,thermal Cooler Bag
Logo: Accept Customized Logo Other Functions: Bluetooth Speaker

Product Description:

Introducing the ultimate companion for your outdoor adventures, the 24 Can Cooler Bag. This premium cooler bag is your go-to solution for keeping drinks and snacks chilled while you're on the go. Whether you're planning a beach day, a picnic in the park, or a camping trip, our cooler bag is designed to meet your needs with its generous capacity, convenient features, and durable construction.

The 24 Can Cooler Bag boasts a large capacity, capable of holding up to 24 cans of your favorite beverages. This makes it an ideal choice for group outings or family activities where you need to keep a sizable stash of drinks cold for extended periods. The 24_Cans_Insulated_Bag is not just about quantity; it's about providing quality insulation that ensures your drinks stay refreshingly cool, even on the hottest days.

One of the key features of our 24_Cans_Insulated_Bag is the handy front pocket. This additional storage space is perfect for stashing all your essential items such as keys, cell phones, or utensils. It provides quick and easy access to items that you need to reach on the fly, without having to dig through the contents of the cooler. This thoughtful design element enhances the overall functionality of the bag, making it a practical choice for all sorts of outings.

Despite its roomy interior, the 24 Can Cooler Bag remains highly portable, weighing in at just 1.6kg. The lightweight design ensures that you can easily transport your cooler bag from place to place without any added strain. This makes the 24_Cans_Insulated_Bag an excellent choice for those who value convenience and ease of use during their outdoor excursions.

The dimensions of the 24 Can Cooler Bag are meticulously crafted to provide ample space for your drinks and snacks while remaining compact enough for effortless carrying. Measuring 13 inches in length, 10.6 inches in width, and 11.4 inches in height, this cooler bag is the perfect size for fitting into your car, carrying by hand, or placing on a picnic table. The size is ideal for balancing substantial capacity with practical portability, making it a versatile accessory for a variety of activities.

Constructed with high-quality materials, the 24 Can Cooler Bag is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. The rugged exterior resists wear and tear, while the insulated interior ensures that the contents remain cool for hours. The bag's sturdy zippers and strong straps are built to endure frequent use, ensuring that your 24_Cans_Insulated_Bag will be a reliable part of your outdoor gear for years to come.

Overall, the 24 Can Cooler Bag is more than just a cooler; it's an investment in convenience, comfort, and enjoyment for your outdoor activities. Its large capacity, convenient front pocket, lightweight design, ideal size, and durable construction make it an unbeatable choice for anyone looking to keep their drinks cold and their adventures hot. So pack up your 24_Cans_Insulated_Bag, hit the great outdoors, and savor the pleasure of perfectly chilled beverages wherever you roam.



  • Product Name: 24 Can Cooler Bag
  • Insulation: Yes - keeps items cold or hot for extended periods
  • Zipper: Anti-leakage Zipper - ensures the content is secure and spill-free
  • Capacity: Holds up to 24 cans - perfect for group outings and events
  • Weight: Lightweight design at 1.6kg for easy portability
  • Lining: Durable 840DTPU material - offers strength and longevity
  • Keywords: 24_Cans_Cooler_Container, 24_Cans_Insulated_Bag, 24_Cans_Insulated_Bag

Technical Parameters:

Name 24 Can Cooler Bag
Color Blue
Zipper Anti-leakage Zipper
Capacity 24 Cans
Weight 1kg
Size 13in*10.6in*11.4in
Material Shell: 600D TPU, Lining: 420D TPU, Insulation: Insulating Foam, Zipper: Regular ripstop zipper
Brand Cooler Bag
Front Pocket Yes
Insulation Yes
Keep Your Drinks Cold with our 24 Can Cooler Bag for Outdoor Events 0Keep Your Drinks Cold with our 24 Can Cooler Bag for Outdoor Events 1Keep Your Drinks Cold with our 24 Can Cooler Bag for Outdoor Events 2Keep Your Drinks Cold with our 24 Can Cooler Bag for Outdoor Events 3 


The Miren 24 Can Cooler Bag , model number 24cans , is an exemplary product for various occasions and scenarios. This versatile insulated container, crafted with meticulous attention to detail in Dongguan, China, comes with certifications from SGS and BSCI, ensuring its quality and reliability. With a minimum order quantity of 100 PCS and a negotiable price point, the 24_Cans_Insulated_Bag is designed to meet the needs of both retail customers and large group events.

One of the prime applications of the Miren 24_Cans_Insulated_Bag is for outdoor excursions such as picnics, beach outings, or camping trips. The robust anti-leakage zipper and durable 840DTPU lining ensure that contents remain secure and insulated, regardless of the outdoor elements. This makes the 24_Cans_Insulated_Container an essential companion for adventure enthusiasts who wish to keep their beverages and perishables cool and fresh for the duration of their journey.

The Miren cooler bag is also a fantastic choice for sports events and tournaments, where teams need to stay hydrated with cold drinks readily available. The insulation feature of the bag guarantees that up to 24 cans remain chilled throughout the event. With a weight of just 1.6kg, this lightweight yet sturdy bag can be easily carried to any sporting venue.

In the context of social gatherings such as family reunions, barbecues, or birthday parties, the Miren 24_Cans_Insulated_Bag serves as an efficient and stylish solution to keep drinks and snacks at the perfect temperature. Its light gray color adds a touch of elegance, fitting seamlessly into any party setting.

For professionals in the catering or delivery services, the cooler bag's reliability and insulation properties make it a valuable tool for transporting goods that require temperature control. The generous supply ability of over 5000 pieces per month ensures that businesses can scale up their operations as needed.

Delivery for the Miren 24_Cans_Insulated_Bag is estimated at 20~25 work days, with payment terms of 1 PE bag + 1 cardboard box, making it both a practical and accessible option for a wide range of consumers. Whether planning a small family outing or organizing a large-scale event, the Miren 24_Cans_Insulated_Bag is the ideal solution for maintaining the freshness and coolness of food and drinks on the go.



Brand Name: Miren

Model Number: 24cans

Place of Origin: Dongguan, China

Certification: SGS,BSCI

Minimum Order Quantity: 100 PCS

Price: Needs to be negotiated

Delivery Time: 20~25 work days

Payment Terms: 1 PE bag + 1 cardboard box

Supply Ability: 5000Pcs+1month

Size: 13in*10.6in*11.4in

Shoulder Strap: Yes

Lining: 420DTPU

Front Pocket: Yes

Insulation: Yes

Discover the ultimate solution for outdoor enthusiasts with the Miren 24 Can Cooler Bag. This 24_Cans_Cooler_Container is perfect for keeping your drinks chilled for longer. Experience the convenience of a 24_Cans_Insulated_Container that comes with a comfortable shoulder strap, making it easy to carry wherever you go. Enjoy the added functionality of a front pocket in this 24_Cans_Insulated_Bag, ensuring that your essentials are always within reach.


Support and Services:

If you have recently purchased the 24 Can Cooler Bag and require technical support or services, we are here to assist you. Our product is designed with durability and convenience in mind, to ensure that your beverages stay cool and refreshing for any occasion. For any product-related inquiries, issues, or if you need assistance with how to use the cooler bag effectively, our dedicated support team is ready to provide comprehensive guidance and solutions.

Our technical support covers a range of services including product maintenance advice, replacement of defective parts under warranty, and troubleshooting for any performance issues. We strive to ensure your satisfaction with our product, and our team is committed to resolving any concerns you may have in a timely and efficient manner.

Please refer to the user manual for initial guidance on product care and usage tips. For more detailed support, we provide a comprehensive FAQ section on our website that addresses common questions and provides helpful information for optimizing your cooler bag's performance.

In the rare event that your cooler bag is not functioning as expected, our customer service team is equipped to offer step-by-step assistance. Should your product require service, we will provide instructions on how to proceed with repairs or replacements as per our warranty policy. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of customer support and ensuring that your 24 Can Cooler Bag meets your expectations for quality and performance.



Q1: What is the brand and model number of this cooler bag?

A1: The brand name is Miren and the model number is 24cans.

Q2: Where is the Miren 24 Can Cooler Bag manufactured?

A2: The Miren 24 Can Cooler Bag is manufactured in Dongguan, China.

Q3: Does the Miren 24 Can Cooler Bag come with any certifications?

A3: Yes, the Miren 24 Can Cooler Bag comes with SGS and BSCI certifications.

Q4: What is the minimum order quantity for the Miren 24 Can Cooler Bag?

A4: The minimum order quantity for the Miren 24 Can Cooler Bag is 100 PCS.

Q5: How long does delivery take for the Miren 24 Can Cooler Bag?

A5: The delivery time for the Miren 24 Can Cooler Bag is typically 20 to 25 work days.


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